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Sample Curriculum and Courses

Many courses, workshops, and seminars have been developed and delivered over the years to a variety of public and in-house audiences.

Here is a sample curriculum:

Events can be tailor-made to your particular requirements. A particular strength of in-house events is that they are customized and that the workshops can be geared to the work of the enterprise that asks for the event.

Contact us for information about what is possible.

To illustrate possibilities, here are examples of actual courses that have been delivered. Of course, there is some overlap between them because each has been built up from specific client requirements. Showing these may help you to decide what is closest to your needs:

Business Process Analysis - Skills Overview

Business Process Analysis -  Describing Business Processes

Business Process Analysis - Rationalizing Business Processes

Business Process Analysis -  Accelerated Course

Business Process Analysis Competency Workshop

The Contemporary Issues line in the curriculum can be a short course covering topics that have emerged since the early 1990s BPR, through to longer courses that can taken any required issues in depth. Topics within the Contemporary Issues line of the curriculum include: [business process] architecture; engineering; epistemology; management; maturity; meta and meta meta modelling and languages; ontology; outsourcing (and in-sourcing) and specific techniques such as BPMN.