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Business Process Analysis - Skills Overview

There are many good books and articles describing a range of ways to approach the task of creating or changing business processes.

 However, a major problem for practitioners is to understand from the literature what is involved in actually doing business process work.

 This seminar/workshop has been produced after a considerable amount of work to identify a range of techniques and skills that are appropriate to analysing business processes.

 The seminar presents a wide range of techniques that help with the analysis of business processes. For each technique, examples are provided and indication given of  the skills needed for its application.

 The techniques have been set in the context of broader analytical topics as can be seen from the seminar outline.

Participants are provided with notes contain summaries of the material discussed, along with examples as appropriate.

Participants are introduced to the problem of defining a business process. This is followed by a discussion of a wide range of approaches that have been taken by various experts at different  periods of time. Different ways of modelling business processes are then presented.

Processes require a combination of resource inputs, and different techniques are needed for the various resources. These techniques are outlined. Participants are given suggestions about how to document and present information about business processes.

A major requirement of business process analysis comes from the need to improve existing processes. Participants will be given an introduction to several important approaches that can be used to analyse business processes, proposed changes, and justify the proposals, by way oflooking forward to the next course in the series.



This workshop is suitable for a wide range of people who need an overview of the kinds of skills we advise when practitioners undertake their process work. It is suitable for:

  • managers and executives who are responsible for sponsoring business process work and who would like more detail about the implementation implication;
  • consultants who are responsible for providing advice about business process projects and who need to understand a range of skills and activities likely to be needed;
  • practitioners who are starting a business process project and who need to know about the skills and techniques that might be needed, and plan to acquire skills that may be needed to fill in their gaps.


On successful completion of this workshop, participants should:

  • have an operational definition of a business process
  • know a range of techniques that will help to describe and analyze business processes
  • know which analytical skills likely to be needed for a business process analysis project
  • understand ways in which IT enables more flexible business processes
  • have a rudimentary understanding of business process modelling
  • be able to explain a business process in terms of resources used and products or services generated

Day 1

What is a Process?

Evolution of Process Modelling Techniques


Modelling Processes

Analyzing Text and Diagrams

Day 2

Analyzing Costs and Information Needs

Organization and People Resources

Business Processes and IT

Rationalizing and Describing Processes