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Business Process Analysis - Rationalizing Business Processes

There are several terms used for the rationalization of business processes. Today, the list includes business process re-engineering, business process innovation, and business process improvement.

Of course, businesses have been improving their processes since humans have been engaged in productive or trading business and many of those improvements have been linked intimately with the development of technology. Today, information technology enables a whole range of new ways to improve business processes.

Many of the techniques used for business process work are descriptive and somewhat intuitive. However, there are many techniques available which are more rigorous and which give the analyst a useful toolkit with which to do process engineering work.

Ultimately, the real value to be added by process engineers is in defining processes that are best in class or substantial improvements over existing processes. The professional dilemma for the process engineer is in deciding which techniques to apply, and explaining why and how proposals are considered to be good proposals.

This workshop is concerned with taking existing situations and identifying a rational basis for process improvement, or for the design of efficient new processes.

This workshop builds on skills from the workshop describing business processes. It is concerned with putting some rigor into process engineering by providing a range of specific techniques that can be used to identify opportunities for changes to processes (or even recommending that existing processes are not changed).

The workshop commences by looking at a wide range of process improvement techniques available to the analyst. A process model based upon factor inputs provides a framework for the creation of alternative process scenarios. Each scenario can then be placed into an appropriate context of cost, resources, organization, and so forth. This provides a basis for presenting a discussion and set of recommendations.

Several specific approaches to business process rationalization are presented along with the opportunity for participants to perform some practical work, either on set examples or their own work material.

A case study is available for participants to work on, but participants are welcome to bring along their own process data to use in the workshop sessions.

Audiences and Objectives:

This workshop is suitable for all those who have responsibility for new or improved business processes, including process engineers, consultants, and managers.

Participants should be able to produce rigorous business process descriptions that meet thorough completeness and consistency standards and which provide enough source material for successful analytical work.

Day 1 - Foundations for Improving Business Processes

Basic analytical skills for process improvement
Factor efficiency and substitutability
Identifying candidates for improvement

Day 2 - Fundamental Process Rationalization Methods

Measuring the actuality, capability, and potentiality of business processes
Data envelopment analysis
Planning better processes

Day 3 - Testing and Presenting New Processors in their Context

System simulation and operations analysis
Human, social, and organizational factors
Documenting and justifying recommendations
Process improvement reports