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BPA Competency Workshop

Business Process Skills and Competency Workshop

Developing a training program for key staff can be difficult for various reasons. Firstly, the gap between the needs of the enterprise and existing skills may not be well understood. Secondly, although general courses and workshops may be available, all the parts of the materials may not be relevant to your enterprise's work, and some may be missing.

The area of business process work is particularly difficult in this respect. There are many seminars about why BPW should be done, or how to do it successfully, but there are far fewer training opportunities to obtain real analytical skills to support a BPW project or to know what skills should be used by any consultants engaged to help.

This skills and competency workshop is designed to identify the goals of the enterprise and the kinds of skills needed for a BPW project to succeed. The different ways of approaching a project are examined in order to understand strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to identify key gaps in an enterprise's skill base, which can then be used to plan a training and development program.

This workshop is built around a series of highly interactive sessions with the key participants in an enterprise or department. These sessions:

  • examine the goals and direction of the enterprise's key business processes, with the objective of identifying the skills needed to understand business processes thoroughly
  • then, the existing business process analysis skills are audited
  • finally, the gap between present skills and needs is used to set out the foundation for the enterprise's development program.

This workshop is not a conventional training exercise - it is designed as an in-house facilitated consulting session where participants will obtain an overview of the range of skills and techniques needed for a successful BPW project.

This workshop will also be a great help to enterprises who are using external consultants for a BPW study. You will learn the range of skills and techniques that should be employed by those consultants.

This workshop requires one day with key people participating. It is of particular benefit for:
1.    understanding the BPW skills needed for your enterprise's goals
2.    identifying strengths and weaknesses in personal skills, and
3.    knowing what skills to be expected from any external consultants you intend to use

The business process skills and competency workshop is always custom designed for your enterprise. It's duration is dependent on client needs. Workshops run previously have varied between 1-3 days.