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The book Business Process Analysis including Architecture, Engineering, Management, and Maturity was published in September 2012. It is available in paperback (ISBN: 978-1-909231-00-9), hardback (ISBN:978-1-909231-01-6) and eBook (ISBN:978-1-909231-02-3) editions from Amazon, and any good bookstore. Bulk copies can be obtained directly from the publisher (Requirements Analytics). A new edition is expected in 2016 or 2017.

Sample Business Process Analysis curriculum and course descriptions now available on this website

Business Process Professionals

Congratulations on reaching one of the key websites for business process professionals.

There are many roles associated with Business Process Work (BPW). This website contains resources for all those roles, and will be kept live with new ideas and resources.

General Stakeholders

Many people are involved with, or affected by, business process work. Some peope are involved directly in commissioning or performing different aspects of business process work; some people are interested because they will be affected by it.

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Business Process Managers

Managers perform many different roles with respect to business process work.

The key BPW management responsibilities include identifying when BPW is required, identifying and articulating the problems that suggest changes to business processes are needed, knowing what competences are needed to do the work, managing any projects, and dealing with implementation.

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Business Process Experts

Business Process Analysis identifies many competences that may be needed for business process work.

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